Your hostess, Andrea Konrad, and her dynamic young team welcome you to this family hotel steeped in tradition in the heart of Bamberg - just a few minutes away from the Old Town.

Our aim is to offer Franconian-style Bavarian hospitality. Come and visit us and feel at ease.

In the heart of Bamberg
If you stroll through Bamberg’s vibrant pedestrian zone, past the Gabelmann (“Fork Man”) fountain, you will already see the splendid tavern sign from a long way off as it projects into Kesslerstrasse. The tendrils of the Baroque handcrafted sign reach out from the wall of the building that is steeped in history, with the crest of the well-known hotel and restaurant hanging from its tip: a wild rose. It exudes Franconian-style Bavarian hospitality which you will also find in the hotel itself where a competent service team is always on hand to assist you and exchange a few friendly words.
Traditional ties
The property at number 7 has been known as the “Rose tavern” since as early as 1760 and is just as much part of the distinctive atmosphere of Bamberg as the numerous sights surrounding it. Josef and Kunigunda Haefner started making the “Wild Rose” brewery famous way beyond the town boundaries in 1901 until the property was totally destroyed in the Second World War. After the building had been restored to its former beauty by Hans and Margareta Konrad, the family leased it out from 1962 onwards. After that, the hotel and restaurant were managed by various tenants before Andrea Konrad, great-granddaughter of the Haefner family, took it back into family hands and is now the fourth generation to run it. The “Wilde Rose” therefore has particularly strong traditional ties.
Our traditional Bamberg Keller (beer garden)
The Wilde Rose Keller on Stephansberg has been a popular summer meeting place for young and old for more than a century. The beer garden was opened by the Wilde Rose brewery on one of Bamberg’s seven hills in the middle of the 19th century and today it is well-known and popular way beyond the town boundaries. Not just because of the tasty Wilde Rose Kellerbier but also because of the idyllic ambience under plentiful horse chestnut trees. There is also a picturesque listed music pavilion where jazz and brass band concerts still delight the clientèle.